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Do you have a problem with your huawei mobile phones? Touch screen issue?

A low battery life or damage to the display?

water seeping through?

We've got your back! Here is Kovai Mobiles - The Service Centre for huawei mobile phones Service.

Do you want your Huawei to look like a new one? KOVAI MOBILES Huawei service center is all set with a best solution in the least time.

Yes, KOVAI MOBILES Huawei service center undertakes device collection, fixes the issues and delivers it back to you.

SERVICE FOR huawei mobile phones

front glass , touch screen and lcd huawei mobile services.

Is your screen split, crushed or touch control non responsive? Is the LCD picture draining, broken? No backdrop illumination, spotless screen, dead pixels or ink stains?

The Huawei repair will swap both the screens of front glass/ touch screen digitizer/ LCD display on the Huawei.

both external touch screen/ lcd and back housing huawei mobile service.

If your outside screen has been split, scratched, no more drawn out reacts to touch, the inner screen is broken , has no showcase or has ink stains, this repair will trade the outer touch/ glass screen and internal LCD screen and additionally the complete back housing incorporating both the glass and plastic underneath.

You can change over your huawei to black to white or white to black. This convert includes: Front Glass/touch screen and LCD- Home Button Back Housing.

power button huawei mobile service

Having any issue identified with the power button on or off backing on your phone? We will help you.

headphone/ antenna huawei mobile service

Any issued revealed with the Headphone jack on your Huawei can be repaired. Huawei will also displace the reception apparatus on your Huawei to settle any Wi-Fi issues.

camera huawei mobile service

Assuming that the front camera is defective , the Huawei camera repair will trade it. If the back Polaroid is damaged , it will be displaced.

battery/ charging port huawei mobile service

If your Huawei is not synchronizing or charging , the dock connector will be repaired. If your Huawei is not enduring exceptionally long between charges , the battery will be supplanted.

volume and mute button huawei mobile service

Any issues with regard to the volume/mute control on your Huawei phone will be repaired.

microphone huawei mobile service

The issues of individuals not having the ability to hear when someone calls them will be altered in this repair.

speaker huawei mobile service

If the speaker on your Huawei is no more extended working when telephone is ringing or when music is playing, it will be easily reinstated for you.

earphone huawei mobile service

If you can’t hear individuals talking during a call, your earphones will be repaired with Kovai Mobiles - The Service Centre.

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