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Do you have a problem with your Vivo smartphone? Touch screen issue?

A low battery life or damage to the display?

water seeping through?

We've got your back! Here is Kovai Mobiles - The Service Centre for Vivo Mobile Phone Service.

At KOVAI MOBILES - THE SERVICE CENTRE for Vivo Phone Service, we specialise in providing speedy and reliable repair services for your Vivo Mobile phone. We try to repair and fix the issue in the shortest period of time possible because we understand how crucial your device is. Although there are many inexpensive options, we provide exceptional service, making us your first choice for smartphone repairs. We have a Vivo Mobile Service Centre in Coimbatore.

Service For Vivo Mobile

Vivo Mobile Touch Screen, LCD, and Front Glass Service

If your Vivo's touch screen digitizer, LCD display, and front glass are all cracked, broken, or unresponsive to touch, and if the LCD display is also worn out, damaged, broken, lacks backlighting, clear, or has dead pixels or ink stains, both screens will be replaced. Any screen-related problems on your Vivo will also be resolved by replacing the LCD screen.

Power Button Service for the Vivo Mobile

On your Vivo phone, any issues with the force catch will be fixed.

Vivo mobile diagnosis for repairs

Please select the diagnosis administration if your repair is not included on the schedule or if you are unsure of the type of repair to select. The concept of judgement advises you to send us your unit so we can look it over. If it is possible to do so and you are happy with the estimate offered, the judgement cost will be deducted from any additional charges related to the repair. You will only be liable for the diagnosis charge if, after the analysis, you decide not to have your device mended.

Service Microphone for Vivo mobile

This repair will take care of the issue of people not hearing you when you call them.

Repairing speakers for Vivo mobile devices speakers for smartphones If the amplifier breaks down while the phone is ringing or music is playing, we will replace it for you.

Vivo Mobile Headphone Repair

Your Vivo phone's headphone jack will be rectified if there are any issues.

Service for Vivo Camera Repairs

This repair will replace the camera if the one in your Motorola phone is damaged.

Service for Vivo Mobile water stains

Water and liquid damage repair for Vivo phones Repairing water damage to a Motorola phone entails drying and cleaning the device as well as checking all internal parts.

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